Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a generic term for a number of methods that enable fabrication of physical objects directly from CAD models and resources. As opposed to classical manufacturing methods such as milling and forming which are based on material removal and deformation principles respectively, these processes are based on additive principle for part fabrication. Owing to a number of important benefits, additive manufacturing has drawn the attention of manufacturing industries to meet customers’ demands for incorporating continuous and rapid changes in manufacturing in the shortest possible time and gain edge over competitors.

This course presents the fundamental aspects needed to gain substantial knowledge concerning additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to identify the most important aspects and features of most important additive manufacturing technologies like fused deposition modeling - FDM, Stereolithography - SLA, and metal 3D-printing (SLS/SLM). In addition, you will be able to set proper process parameter values related to a given AM technique, to produce parts with high strength and surface quality. You will learn how the process parameters for each AM technique affect attributes like surface roughness, fabrication time, parts strength, etc.  


Addressed to:

The “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing” course is addressed to:

  • Those interested in working in modern manufacturing environments equipped with CNC machine tools, additive manufacturing resources and other similar materials/methods, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge in the field of additive manufacturing.
  • Those who already have experience and technical training in metal cutting / forming processes (practitioners, manufacturing engineers, etc.) and wish to leverage professionally by acquiring relevant experience and technical training in additive manufacturing technologies.
  • Students and graduates of Technological / Engineering departments who are interested in integrating their theoretical knowledge with empirical aspects related to additive manufacturing.
  • Those who wish to enrich their knowledge concerning additive manufacturing operations related to beneficial process design, software and hardware aspects and their associated features.



No prerequisites are necessary for attending the “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing” course. The course is suitable to anyone and to those with no prior knowledge or experience.


Benefits of Participants

Upon successful completion of the “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing” course, you will:

  • Be able to identify which AM technology best fits a given application with reference to material selection, fabrication cost and imminent technical constraints,
  • become flexible in decision-making when it comes to additive manufacturing for real-world applications from the perspectives of proper process design and parameter settings,
  • be able to distinguish the advantages and limitations of additive manufacturing equipment,
  • be able to perform a cost estimation / cost analysis with regard to the potentials of additive manufacturing processes.
  • Be able to explain how AM technologies work, what kind of materials they use and what results should be expected.



The “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing” course consists of interactive videos with total duration of 115 minutes. You can watch the videos at your convenience on any day and time (24/7), depending on your studying rate and your available time.

By purchasing this course, you will receive a personal password giving you access to the content; access to the course content will last for one (1) month, during which, you will be able to forward questions and comments to the instructor through our e-learning platform.


Certificate of Attendance

To successfully complete the course, you will need to take the final online exams, which consist of a quiz comprising 50 multiple-choice questions (minimum success rate required: 80%).

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive online the “Certificate of Attendance” from the CNC Training Center, which you can expose to social networks and wherever you consider as beneficial.


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  • Introduction | 01’.21”
  • Advantages and limitations of additive manufacturing | 10’.32”
  • Main aspects of additive manufacturing | 09’.30”
  • General overview of additive manufacturing technologies | 09’.07”
  • Fused deposition modeling – FDM | 22’.16”
  • Stereolithography – SLA | 16’.47”
  • Powder bed fusion – (SLS/SLM) | 18’.20”
  • Material and binder jetting – MJ/BJ | 08’.43”
  • Laminated object manufacturing – LOM | 04’.02”
  • Directed enery deposition – DED | 04’.10”
  • Emerging technologies – future trends | 07’.12”
  • Conclusion | 03’.55”

Total duration: 1h 55min            

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