CNC Machine Tools Technology

CNC Machine Tools Technology

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The knowledge of the latest CNC machine tool technologies and their kinematics is essential for those aiming at gaining an in-depth understanding of their operation so that they can fully exploit their true potentials as well as recognize their limitations.

This course examines the current state of modern technologies for CNC machine tools and their kinematic aspects by presenting in detail the systems and tools that complement the operation of CNC machines as well as the hardware found to new generation’s control units, i.e. the functions to allow for flexible interaction between the operator – programmer and the machine tool. It also examines the categories of functions integrating modern CNC control units, dealing with CNC programming; the machine’s operational behavior, and diagnostics / troubleshooting functions.

Addressed to:

The ‘CNC Machine Tools Technology’ course is addressed to:

  • Those interested in working as CNC programmers / operators, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge in the field of CNC machining
  • Those who already have experience and technical training in conventional machine tools (practitioners, manufacturing engineers, etc.) and wish to leverage professionally by acquiring relevant experience and technical training in CNC machine tool technology and programming.
  • Students and graduates of Technological / Engineering departments who are interested in integrating their theoretical knowledge with practical and empirical aspects related to CNC machine tool technology.
  • Those who wish to enrich their knowledge concerning CNC machine tool technologies and hardware.


No prerequisites are necessary for attending the ‘CNC Machine Tools Technology’ course. The course is suitable to anyone and to those with no prior knowledge or experience.

Benefits of Participants

Upon successful completion of the ‘CNC Machine Tools Technology’ course, you will:

  • gain the technical and theoretical background required to be familiarized with the special field of CNC technology and its application to the several productive machine tools,
  • become flexible and productive in real-world applications related to CNC technology, operation control and job setups with regard to the different machine tool kinematics,
  • be able to distinguish the advantages and limitations of CNC machine tool technology compared to conventional machine tools and their corresponding equipment,
  • be able to evaluate the suitability and feasibility of CNC technology depending on the application you want to undertake based on the potentials of different CNC machines.
  • gain a solid basis concerning the principles and rules of CNC control functions related to CNC programming, CNC machine tool control (controlling the “behavior” of machines) and manufacturing data management.


The ‘CNC Machine Tools Technology’ course consists of interactive videos with total duration of 102 minutes. You can watch the videos at your convenience on any day and time (24/7), depending on your studying rate and your available time.

By purchasing this course, you will receive a personal password giving you access to the content; access to the course content will last for one (1) month, during which, you will be able to forward questions and comments to the instructor through our e-learning platform.

Certificate of Attendance

To successfully complete the course, you will need to take the final online exams, which consist of a quiz comprising 50 multiple-choice questions (minimum success rate required: 80%).

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive online the “Certificate of Attendance” from the CNC Training Center, which you can expose to social networks and wherever you consider as beneficial.


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  • Introduction, 1’.43’’
  • General Principles of CNC Programming, 5’.16’’
  • Types of CNC Machine Tools – Conventional Material Removal by Cutting, 08’.15
  • Types of CBC Machine Tools – Non-conventional Material Removal), 10’.53’’
  • Types of CNC Machine Tools (Forming, Metrology and Additive Manufacturing), 09’.02’’
  • Kinematics of CNC Machine Tools, 04’.40’’
  • CNC Machine Tool Frames and Slideways, 04’.43’’
  • Hardware – Automatic Control ARDWARE, 06’.20’’
  • Hardware – Power/Motion Transmission Systems, 11’.47’’
  • Machining Axes and Spindle Lubrication Systems, 01’.50’’
  • Automatic Tool Changers – ATCs, 03’.05’’
  • Too-Holding Systems for CNC Machine Tools, 09’.50’’
  • Work-Holding Systems for CNC Machine Tools, 07’.25’’
  • Automatic Chip Removal Systems, Cooland Circuit and Supply, 02’.20’’
  • Functions of Modern CNC Control Units, 13’.45’’
  • Concluding Review, 04’.45’’

Total duration: 102’

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