Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing

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Solid knowledge of Engineering Drawing fundamentals is of paramount importance to those involved in Production and Manufacturing engineering. It facilitates the efficient flow of information internally, to avoid mistakes and maintain production efficiency.

In the Engineering Design course, you will come to fully understand and identify the critical points of information contained in Engineering Drawing. In addition, you will be able to transfer to third parties (i.e. practitioners) the practical interpretation of Engineering Drawing attributes, to lay the foundations for beneficial machining processes while ensuring the required specifications of finished products. The course emphasizes practical knowledge, integrating any theoretical knowledge you may have acquired from Academia or other related education.

You will find several examples of case studies inspired by industrial workshops to gain empirical insight into real-world problems faced by manufacturing industries.

The “Engineering Drawing” course is addressed to:

  • Those who are interested to be professionally involved in the manufacturing engineering field, but lack experience or knowledge concerning Engineering Drawing aspects
  • Students or graduates interested in integrating their theoretical knowledge with the practical and empirical approach to Engineering Drawing field
  • Employees who already support production facilities and who are willing to enhance their practical skills as well as their empirical knowledge by coping with real industrial case studies.


There are no prerequisites for attending the 'Engineering Drawing' course. The course is suitable to anyone and to those with no prior knowledge or experience.

Benefits of Participants

Upon successful completion of the 'Engineering Drawing' course, you:

  • will establish substantial knowledge of Engineering Drawing key points (object views, section views, drawing standards, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing – GD&T, etc.)
  • will be able to provide advantageous insight to process planning stage
  • you will be able to contribute to process optimization tasks (proper selection of engineering materials, selection of proper cutting tools and machining equipment)
  • you will be able to actively participate to quality control inspections referring to finished products and engineering components
  • you will have a clear understanding of how to deal with pressing manufacturing requirements and keener competition based on your critical viewpoint and empirical knowledge.


“Engineering Drawing” course consists of interactive videos of a total duration of 48 minutes. You can watch the videos at your convenience on any day and time (24/7), depending on your studying rate and your available time.

By purchasing this course, you will be sent a personal password, which will provide you access to the content; access to content which will last for one (1) month. During access, you will be able to forward questions and comments to the instructor through our e-learning platform.

Certificate of Attendance

To successfully complete the course, you will need to take the final online exams, which consist of a quiz comprising 50 multiple-choice questions (minimum success rate required: 80%).

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the corresponding “Certificate of Attendance” online from the CNC Training Center, which you can expose to social networks and wherever you consider as beneficial.


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Content Summary

  • Types of engineering drawing
  • Analysis of Engineering Drawing
  • Detailed engineering drawing (drawing views)
  • Third-angle and First-angle projection systems fundamentals; (ISO-E / ISO-A)
  • Different kinds of section views with their corresponding rules
  • Basic tolerances and related requirements
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).



  • Ιntroduction – 1’.08’’
  • What is Engineering Drawing – 2’.15’’
  • Categories of Engineering Drawing - 1’.40’’
  • The "detailed" Engineering Drawing - 0’.47’’
  • Standard Drawing Sheets - 1’.23’'
  • Title Block - 3’.52’’
  • Detailed Views in Engineering Drawing - 1’.54’’
  • Projection Orientation Systems for Detailed Views - 0’.58’’
  • Case Studies of Detailed Views for Mechanical Objects - 2’.00’’
  • Sections / Section Views in Engineering Drawing - 2’.00’’
  • Hatching Rules in Sections - 0’.50’’
  • Case Studies in Section Views for Parts and Assemblies - 0’.50’’
  • Representation of Section Directions - 0’.36’’
  • Sections of Assembled Parts and Standard Elements - 0’.54’’
  • Simplified Section Views - 1’.00’’
  • "Broken" Sections / Half-Sectioning - 1’.16’’
  • Multi-sectioning – Sections in Multiple Levels - 1’.53’’
  • Dimensioning - 7’.25’’
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) - 15’.00’’
  • Concluding Summary - 4’.00’’

Total duration: 48'

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