Tailor-Made Programs of CNC Education

The Tailor-made programs of education are designed only for you, regardless of the fact you are either an entity or natural person and are based on the educational CNC needs or the fields you desire to improve.

The Tailor-made programs of educations are aimed at:

  • private companies, 
  • natural persons as CNC professionals, students, hobbyists etc.

who desire to drill or educate their personnel and/or develop their CNC skills.

The duration, the days and the hours of the tailor-made programs of education are determined in advance after the consideration of your availability so as to not unsettle your schedule or shift.

Especially for business that are sit out of Attiki or abroad, condensed programs are mounted over the weekends or for a few days, in order to continue your schedule.

We are at your disposal to discuss the personalized needs of CNC education, for the purpose of planning a CNC educational program that adapts to your needs.