CNC Training Center in the NTUA Conference

Mr. Enezlis Konstantinos - Technical Director of CNC TRAINING CENTER - was summoned as a speaker at the Conference of European Project “ΝΑΜΑ – Numeracy for Advanced Manufacturing”, which was held on 21th of June in cooperation with the Mechanical and Technical Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens in its Zografou campus.

Ο κ. Ένεζλης Ομιλητής σε Ημερίδα στο ΕΜΠ

Mr. Enezlis presented the topic “Employment prospects of specialized technicians in the industry - Required Skills”. He analyzed the prospects which are open to the youth who are about to work as specialized technicians in the near future combined and the significant shortage of such technicians globally.

The subject of the event and the overall project, is the upgrade of the quantitative skills of the industrial workforce. Accordingly, the issues covered by the speakers of the event concerned the developments in the field of technology in CNC machining and the emerging needs of training.