How to Become a Successful Engineer

How to become a successful CNC engineer

A very interesting interview by Mr. Panos Gounas, co-owner of CNC Training Center, with essential tips on how to become a successful CNC machine engineer. An object of enormous shortage of skilled professionals, not only in Greece but also worldwide

The most important conclusions to be drawn from this interview are:

  1. It is not necessary for someone to have studied as an engineer at a University in order to have a successful career in the CNC industry. On the contrary, the most important role is played by qualitative elements of his personality, such as his constant desire for evolution and new experiences as well as the correct approach to solving a problem, combining practical knowledge of geometry, programming and material behavior.
  2. The subject of CNC engineering is a specialty with a huge shortage of specialized professionals, not only in Greece but also worldwide.

Watch the full interview.