UoP Racing Team at CNC Training Center

The “UoP Racing Formula Team” from the University of Patras is being educated and using the facilities and technical expertise of CNC TRAINING CENTER.

UoP Racing Formula Team

Through a program designed exclusively for the planning and contracting the parts of their racing car, the students of the “UoP Racing Formula Team” continue their training at the facilities of CNC TRAINING CENTER.

The students of the UoP Racing Formula Team every year participate in a global competition called Formula Student, in which undertake the design and construction of the racing car and compete with rivals respective groups of students from prestigious universities around the world.

The cooperation between CNC TRAINING CENTER and the UoP Racing Formula Team of the University of Patras is now on its second year and the technical training team of CNC TRAINING CENTER provide to representatives of the group targeted expertise and all the necessary logistical technical infrastructure whereby students design and manufacture in the facilities of CNC TRAINING CENTER all the necessary parts for their racing car.

As says Harris Mpikas the head of the student group from the UoP Racing Formula Team, «the know-how that CNC TRAINING CENTER provide us with and the ability we have to design and build our own - but with the parallel supervision of the technical personal - is something new for us and gives us the unique opportunity not only to build parts of the racing vehicle for the competition, but also to combine our theoretical knowledge with real experience and practice in an environment of a modern CNC workshop».

From our side, we have only to wish every success to the students of the Formula Racing Team, both in the competition of Formula student, and in later professional career in the field of CNC machining!

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