CNC Turning & Milling - Level 1

CNC Turning & Milling - Level 1

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The status of student or unemployed is documented by sending an email of the current student card or OAED unemployment card.

The operation & programming program on CNC machines of level 1 provides theoretical and practical knowledge at a sufficient level to broadcast in minimum time, gathered experience and knowledge age. In this way, integrates smoothly in the real world of CNC machine tools those who have no prior work experience and wish to make their first steps as technicians on CNC machine tools.


The Training Program "CNC Turning & Milling Level 1" is aimed at:

  • those who wish to work as operators - Programmers CNC machines in modern CNC machining centers and do not have (or have minimum) CNC prior professional experience.


There are no prerequisites for taking lessons at the training program "CNC Turning & Milling Level 1".

The Level 1 program can be taken from all interested parties, regardless of the existence of prior experience or knowledge in this field, possession of university degree or other professional qualification, age and sex.

Student Benefits

With the successful completion of the "CNC Turning & Milling Level 1", students will:

  • be able to work as Operators & Programmers on CNC machines for simple treatments in modern CNC machining centers or relevant production departments of large industrial companies in Greece and abroad, 
  • is able to adapt rapidly and attribute in real CNC working environment, 
  • have acquired the requisite familiarity and will handle easily real CNC machines, 
  • be able to proactively identify risks that may occur during the upcoming CNC machining and taking care to avoid such risks or mistakes can be made, ensuring the high quality of their work and the final result without extraordinary losses, 
  • know how to behave and act as conscientious professionals in a well-organized, modern and extroverted enterprise environment.


The ultimate goal of the "CNC Turning & Milling Level 1" is the creation of CNC technicians, who, equipped with the necessary skills, expertise and experience, will be able to work and attribute directly to modern CNC machining centers or relevant manufacturing parts of large industrial companies in Greece or abroad.

Content summary

Chapter 1

Introduction Training Program Level 1.

Mechanical Design (Part A): types of projects, key elevations, sections.

Numerical Control (Part A): CNC machine tools, CNC machine shop organization.

Internship in CNC machine tools: Binding single sample and program execution finished on a lathe and milling machine.

Chapter 2

Metrology (Part A): Instrumentation and measurement devices.

Mechanical Drawing (Part B): Dimensioning.

Machining: cutting.

Internship in CNC machine tools: Turning cutting lathe and milling machine.

Chapter 3

Metrology (Part B): Industry Standard lengths, gauges, grades, applications - use. Components CNC machine tools.

Numerical Control (Part B): Coordinate Systems.

Internship in CNC milling machine.

Chapter 4

Materials processing. Materials cutters. Introduction to programming lathe. Internship in CNC lathe.

Chapter 5

Lathe Programming: Auxiliary functions, basic programming commands, commands coordinate systems, compensation, machining cycles. Internship in CNC milling machine.

Chapter 6

Introduction to programming milling. Programming milling: Auxiliary functions, basic programming commands. Internship in CNC machine tools Manufacture fixture retaining piece and soft clamps on a lathe and milling machine.

Chapter 7

CNC milling machine programming: machining cycles, G – code, final piece. Internship in CNC machine tools: Programming and construction of the final piece both in lathe and CNC milling machine. Demonstration of the fundamental CNC Machine Tools Operations & Programming and CAD/CAM Systems and their usefulness in accordance with the programming of machining constructions. Designing of a piece in CAD system and programming of its machining construction in CAM system.

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