Scholarship Ceremony

With absolute success was completed the Scholarship Ceremony which took place in the facilities of CNC Training Center on November 24th, 2016. The scholarships were an offer from GENE HAAS FOUNDATION to CNC TRAINING CENTER students.

Acknowledging the high level of the Programs and the first tangible results of CNC TRAINING CENTER graduates regarding their actual career development and job placement, GENE HAAS FOUNDATION offered 28 scholarships with each one covering 50% of the total cost of the training program. The total value of scholarships reached $28,750.

Τελετή Παράδοσης Των ΥποτροφιώνΤελετή Παράδοσης Των Υποτροφιών

The ceremony attended Mr. Simon Vanmaekelbergh (Haas Technical Education Centers Coordinator), Mr. John Moisoglou (Exportation Manager of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce), Mr. John Skopelitis (Exclusive Agent of HAAS in Greece and Cyprus), Mr. Anastasios Rogkas (Marketing Consultant of DK Consultants) and CNC TRAINING CENTER students.

During the ceremony Mr. Simon Vanmaekelbergh appointed the key-role of CNC technology for the design, development and construction of modern industrial and consumerist products. Furthermore, Mr. Simon Vanmaekelbergh highlighted the shortage of specialized CNC technicians not only in Europe, but globally. Moreover, pointed out the significance of connection among the HTEC and important industrial companies in order to communicate and exchange expertise and technical know – how.

Mr. John Moisoglou, on the other hand, mentioned the importance of technical instruction for industrial companies reinforcement and underlined GENE HAAS FOUNDATION for its support to the technical education.

The contribution of the HTEC net to the local economies and the possibilities for growth in Greece through it reported Mr. John Skopelitis.

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